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Beatrice & Johnson

    • Type of Event: Wedding
    • Theme: Feel of Spring
    • Colors: Apple green and Silver
    • Location: Oak Place, Kiambu

    Word from the Planner, Jean Mashimba-Mwongela

    What a journey!!! That’s what you say after planning a wedding in just under 1 month?!!! Yes, 1 month! Oh, the adrenaline?!!

    We loved working with this couple, particularly because, if you want to have your wedding planned in a month, you need to know what you want and have your cash ready as negotiating power with vendors is almost impossible.

    They chose to have an evening wedding and elegant, clean cut décor was paramount. They had apple green and silver for their colours and to bring these colours out at night, lighting was key. With a simple bride, loud floral arrangements are a no-no. We therefore went with the simple, low, floral arrangements and used a lot of glass to bring out the elegance the couple wanted.

    Bored of the everyday floral galland we see at every high table at weddings? Why not step out and dare to dream? Take note of the use of glass, candles and embroidered fabric to make the high table stand out. The result? Pure elegance and a very happy bride and groom.

    Congratulations to you. Indeed, with God, all things are possible J May God bless your marriage.

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